1st Vice Page

Greetings Legionnaires,

Each year we strive to increase our memberships so we can continue to provide services for veterans, our youth, needy families, the community, and to cover operating expenses. Although membership fees only contribute a small amount to support our missions, every bit helps us to achieve our goals.

Membership in the American Legion at Post 450 provides you with a place to gather with friends, camaraderie with other veterans, a since of belonging, and the opportunity to assist our local community. Addition benefits include discounts, Legion monthly magazine, a voice in our Nations Capitol, and VA benefit Assistance.

This year we will be changing the card access keys at Post 450. You will receive you new key with your new membership card. So don’t delay and be left out, Early Bird registration has begun!

Your renewal cards are in the mail. Please fill them out and return them as soon as possible or go online at http://www.legion.com/renew and renew today.

Help us to achieve 100% of our membership goal.

Thank you on behalf of Post 450, veterans, service members, their families, and the community for your membership.