Pearl Harbor Remembrance – 2012


This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Pearl Harbor Remembrance program in New Richmond, Ohio. The program included a welcome from our own Mr. Leo Ferguson, Clermont County American Legion Commander, comments from Mr. Danny Bubp, Ohio State Representative, Mr. Thomas Niehaus, Ohio State Senator and other distinguished guests. The man who stole the event was none other than Mr. Joe Whitt, a Pearl Harbor Survivor and a highly decorated combat Veteran.  Mr. Whitt’s comments were gripping, the audience listening attentively to the firsthand accounts of the events on the morning of December 7, 1941. My greatest pleasure was speaking with Mr. Whitt after the ceremonies had concluded, looking into those eyes that had seen so much, and hearing more about his experiences on that horrific day.

What struck those in attendance was the lack of young people in the audience. Here was the perfect opportunity to meet a living legend and listen to the story of this hero, and learn about of piece of American history and the reasons we fight for freedom. With today’s lack of history classes and the rewriting of events to make them more palatable and politically correct, our children and our children’s children, will never know what made and continues to make this nation great.

I encourage you to research Mr. Whitt and other great American Heroes.  Let each of us teach history to our children and encourage them to seek more knowledge about our country’s birth, struggles, and the path toward freedom and democracy.

Thank you, Mr. Whitt for your service to the Nation and for defending our freedom.