About Us

The American Legion is the world’s largest and most respected organization of wartime veterans. Its organizational structure follows a line from its National Headquarters Offices in Indianapolis, Indiana and Washington D.C., to State/Department, to County/District, and then to the individual community Posts that are the foundation of The American Legion.

Victor Stier Post 450 is an all-volunteer unit, with officers and committee chairs elected/approved annually by the membership. Legionnaires who wish to broaden their areas of responsibility, recognition and community service are encouraged to become active at the Post level.

Share our pride in the traditions, love of country and continued service of The American Legion. This web site is designed to be a directory and a source of current information for members.

So, whether you are a seasoned Legionnaire, an interested veteran, or someone visiting, welcome to our site. Just use the top tabs to visit any area of interest, and be sure to check out the links that will take you to National, State and other Legion/veteran related sites.

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