Daisy Post 4030 Plants Bulbs at Post 450

It may be a cold. cold winter, but Daisy Troop 4030 is already thinking spring! For their  project, this Daisy troop headed to American Legion Post 450 to plant bulbs. Come spring, the bulbs will be in full bloom, covering the Post grounds with cheery color.

The troop earned the Rose Petal Badge for participating. This badge is for making the world a better place. According to the girl scouts, the rose is reminiscent of a beautiful flower signifying to always find beauty in the world and try to leave it better than when it was found.

Troop 4030 is a great example of the Girl Scouts commitment to making Milford a ‘greener’ place to live.

After the planting, the Troop supplied ‘sweet goodies’ for the regular monthly Post meeting and recited The Pledge of Allegiance with the Post members. Commander David Friend was presented a Veterans Day card and hand drawn picture by the Daisy’s at the conclusion of their visit.

I hope they get badges for bringing  smiles to the faces of our Post members!