Pine Brook Veterans Day Program

Pine Brook Retirement Community

In recognition of Veterans Day, each year our community honors our residents and associates that have served in the military. Please join us as we show our appreciation for their sacrifices and service to our country.

This year Post 450 presented the colors at Pine Brook for their Veterans Day program.

In today’s world, where schools do not require the Pledge of Allegiance, here were older veterans who fought for our freedom, struggling to stand and pay their respects to the flag of The United States of America.

Pine Brooks program included the Star Spangled Banner and several songs including the songs for each branch of service. My favorite was the United States Air Force.

There were videos and short clips prepared for the enjoyment of the residents and guests. The presentation concluded with a video of some of the residents service photos and the names and dates of service for others.

After a closing prayer, refreshments were served in the lobby with our Commander not being able to resist the cake.

We would like to extend our deepest thanks to Pine Brook for inviting us to join the festivities. It was our honor to honor your veterans and residents.