Thanksgiving Prayer – 2019

Thanksgiving – 2019

Colorful leaves, crisp air and cozy sweaters all rank as some of my favorite things, easily making fall my top season. Thanksgiving rounds it out perfectly, in a celebration of delicious food and family, before fall cedes to winter

Thanksgiving is a great time to be thankful and appreciate who you have and what you have. It is a time for families to meet, socialize and enjoy each other’s company, sometimes the only opportunity in a year. Some prefer it to Christmas because of less emphasis on consumerism. Thanksgiving, for most, is also a start of a four day weekend which is great, too.

In the military, our servicemen and women  live their lives moment by moment. Those moments turn into days, weeks, months and years. Many of them feel that their lives are just a series of repetitious days all connected together.

In combat situations, they live lives that are so fast paced that they fail to recognize that God is continually giving to them abundantly all the time.

I remember when it wasn’t  always possible to be home with our loved ones during Thanksgiving. Sitting in a field, jungle, or desert, thinking about what our families were doing and if they were thinking of us.

The day I rotated back to “The World” was one of the happiest days in my life and I thanked God that I made it home safely. I prayed for those who were not as fortunate as I to return home and for those families who would never be with their dear ones again. A risk that all who serve or have served know all too well.

It’s so very easy to take the small blessings for granted. We are blessed 1000 times over each and every moment of each and every day. The blessings of God surround us continuously.

No matter where you are in life. No matter how horrible your situation or circumstance may be, you have something that you can thank God for each and every day of your life.

We should always have an attitude of Thanksgiving. Not just for the huge, obvious blessings but for the day to day, moment by moment presence of God on our lives.

Don’t allow yourself to become numb to the presence of God in your life. Purposely look for Him in the little things and ways He provides for you daily.

As you see and recognize the fact that He is always with you. Always providing for you, and always protecting you, the intimacy that you share with Him will increase.

Let’s not forget our military families this Thanksgiving. Pray for the safety of our troop around the world that they will return home to their family and friends.


I would like to share a Thanksgiving Prayer by Lori Grace Hill

“Heavenly Father, thank you for this day you have given us to come together in gratitude.  Thank you for our families and our friends and for this wonderful meal that we can share.

Thank you for your watchful care and protection, for provision for all of our needs and for blessing us with good health.  Thank you for the opportunity to live in this great country, for our freedom and for the servicemen and women who uphold it.

Please continue to watch over and protect us in the coming year; bless us with good health and bring comfort and healing to those who are sick. Please guide and protect our country and our servicemen and women.

Thank you again for this wonderful meal and please bless it to our bodies.”

 ~ Amen ~

Please have a safe and happy holiday season and remember to pray, in your own way, everyday.


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