Gifts For Yanks


The GIFTS FOR YANKS program was instituted in 1944, initiated by Comedian Eddie Cantor, to remember our hospitalized War Veterans. The American Legion Department of Ohio solicits monies each year to give gifts to each of our veteran patients at all of the V.A. Hospital and extended care units throughout Ohio. In addition to distributing gifts, the American Legion Department of Ohio also contributes to each of the Gift Shops operated at the V.A. Hospitals so patients may select and send gifts to their families.

The GIFTS FOR YANKS program not only has the support of local American Legion Posts and Auxiliary Units, the S.A.L/, 40/8, 8/40, but also receives private contributions from individuals, businesses and other veteran organizations. This program is only possible by the donations from generous and caring individuals, organizations and American Legion posts.

Please contact the “Gifts for the Yanks” Chairman, Leo Ferguson at 513-218-1173 or by email at or or by printing and filling out the contribution¬†form and sending it to the office below. Your contributions will be greatly appreciated.

Gifts For Yanks American Legion Post 450
450 Victor Stier Drive
Milford, OH 45150