Goverment Shutdown – 2013


The “Government Shutdown” has far reaching effects on our nation’s Veterans. From reduced VA services, memorial closings, (even those funded by private donations), and paychecks for those veterans who return to the workforce by way of government jobs.Broken us-capitol-building-inkpen-style-clip-art_424696

All the talk in the press is about who to blame. Is this a Republican or Democrat shutdown? I say it’s a failure of both parties. They spend more time trying to blame each other than they do in trying to resolve their differences. This is a “MACHO shutdown”, each side trying to force their will on the other.

Hey D.C., ever hear of the word Compromise?

Currently there are no negotiations, not that we, the employers of these idiots, expected any. Both sides are dug in deeper than the Vietcong underground tunnels. Each insisting the other side gives in to their demands (remind me not to get these guys at any peace talk tables), while reducing the issues to name calling.

I was always taught that if you have to result to scare tactics and name calling, then you have no defense remaining. If you remove the name calling from the speeches, there is little substance and no helpful information.

I’m not here to tell you who is right or wrong when it comes to the policy decisions of Washington, as that is the job of the people and, God help us, our representatives, but I will say that this is as useful as a DVD re-winder.

So in Washington, while they continue to do the re-election point game and  blame game, we all suffer. Now some of that is intentional, to make it as hard on the people as possible, otherwise, why close “open air” monuments?

Why does Congress still get paid for nothing and get special “wavers” to everything? (That’s another story).

As Congress continues to play their MACHO games our Veterans and families suffer.

The American Legion Burn Pit has a great article on the subject;

We should start a movement by having all Veterans descend on Washington and jump the barriers faster than “undocumented workers” jumping the border fences.  Maybe then the “People’s Government” would get the picture.