Veterans Day 2019

Veterans Day Parade Nov. 11th, 2019

Line up at 6:00 PM program begins at 6:30 PM and parade steps off at 7:00 PM.

Point of contact for sign up/questions up to day of parade is Ken Ellis (513)444-8660 and
Don Chandler (513) 374-4223.

The annual Veterans Day Parade will be held in Batavia, Ohio on Monday Nov. 11th,2019
At 7:00 PM and go from Haskell Lane on West Main Street, leading east past courthouse with the parade ending at
the firehouse.

Fire vehicles will line up facing east on Main Street by railroad tracks. School buses can unload by the Car Wash
where they can walk to their division line up.

All other participants will begin lining up at Haskell Lane. If you would like more information on line up please
contact Ken Ellis (513)444-8660.

Everyone is encouraged to participate. Veteraus Day is the American name for the International day of
Remembrance formerly called Armistice Day. It falls on November 11th each year, the anniversary of the signing of
the Armistice that ended the First World War. Veterans Day is a federal holiday and is observed all over the


                                                           Division 1 Lead Color Guard
                                                           Division 2 Post 773 Amelia
                                                           Division 3 Post 72 Mt Carmel
                                                           Division 4 Felicity
                                                           Division 5 Post 237 Batavia
                                                           Division 6 Post 256 Loveland
                                                           Division 7 Post 288 Williamsburg
                                                           Division 8 Post 406 Bethel
                                                           Division 9 Post 450 Milford
                                                           Division 10 Post 550 New Richmond