A deals a deal!

I don’t know about the rest of you but I gave up on playing “let’s Make a Deal” with my wife. Not because I am afraid of her I just got tired of losing to her, or feeling bad for her when she had to pay up.

Well, not so for our Commander! At the November Post meeting we had a special guest besides Daisy Troop 4030, we had Barbara Friend.

The way I understand the story, the Friends’ were talking and somehow a deal was struck, if the Main Hall gets painted, there would be a donation made towards new window dressing for the Main Hall.

Step in Randy Sheldon. As most of you Randy is a painter by profession. Randy not only got the Main Hall painted in record time, he did it by himself. If you haven’t seen the Main Hall , it is beautiful.

This was wonderful news for the Post, to have the Main Hall all clean and freshly painted, but also that there would be a donation made for the new window dressings made by the looser of the deal.

Back to our guest Barbara Friend!  During the meeting, she was called up next to the Commander. It was at that point, the Commander reached out his hand and accepted the donation from his wife.

That’s where the Commander showed he’s the MAN. Not only did he take the money, he had her pay up in front of the Post members! I have a new respect for him because I would have had to sleep with one eye open after that.

If I were you Randy, I would be looking behind me for a while.

All kidding aside, it was very nice of Barbara to make a donation and I encourage all the Legion and Auxiliary members to follow Barbara’s’ example and make a donation towards the Main Halls  window dressings.

On a side note, my wife said that the Commander paid one way or another!

Commander, say it isn’t so!